Diva Face Painting Stencils

Diva Designs Stencils by April Fregd in the Netherands.

These aweome little stencils are excellent for face and body painting and can also be used with powders or airbrush.

Stencils are great for speeding up your line at big events.  Not a professional?  No worries! Buy stencils and some regular coloured face paints, (or better still rainbow cakes) and be an instant hit at your DIY home party, school fete or fundraiser.

Cut on quality mylar, these face painting stencils are durable, flexible and reusable.



When using stencils with face paint, make sure the sponge is barely damp.  Your face paint should be tacky so it does not bleed or run.  Hold the stencil firmly again the skin and tap over the design.  The design can stop there or, if there's time, jazz it up with some outlining and glitter.