ProAiir DIPS

ProAiir DIPS - a Hybrid liquid brush-on makeup that withstands high heat, perspiration, water and natural wear that traditional makeup can't hold up to!

When it's hot outside, take a DIP!

Just squirt a little on a pallete, dip your brush and go. To make a small amount of this concentrated formula go further, thin it out a bit with our Thinning Agent (or 99% alcohol). Brush DIPS on over any foundation makeup. From cakes to powders, DIPS covers them all!

Removes with Liquid Soap rubbed onto skin followed by rinsing with water. DO NOT USE WATER FIRST, AFTER RUBBING WITH LIQUID SOAP.

DIPS is concentrated makeup and is NOT for foundation use - line work only.  Clean brushes with Liquid soap/paper towel or swish with rubbing alcohol. 

Don't let the heat and rain ruin your masterpieces. DIPS will save you time and money by not requiring touch ups.

Watch our video instructions and demonstration.