Looking for professional makeup products for face painting, special fx, cosplay or Halloween? 

Welcome to Face Paint Supplies Perth, your one stop shop for all things face and body art in Australia.  We supply the biggest and best range of professional products at super low prices.  

Come in to the Warnbro shop and drool!  If it's your first time, be prepared to be a little overwhelmed by the delicious colours and the choices available.  When your basket is full (it's easy to get carried away), make the purchase, take home your goodies and maybe kick up a storm on Instagram. Don't forget to #tag us.

If you're too far away don't despair, just browse online and order in your own time.  Your order will be processed quickly and be in the mail the same day where possible because we know that waiting is no fun.

If there's a product you want or need, but can't find it on the website, contact us and we'll happily try and locate for you.  If it means ordering in, we'll certinaly do it if it's feasible.