Australian Company Tag Body Art provides vibrant colours which are easy to use, apply and remove.

With a paraffin wax base they are great for basework, line work and blending.  The 50g two colour split cakes are great space saving option for your kit.  TAG 50g splits come in regular and pearl (pearlescent) cakes.

To apply a base, tap (stipple rather than swipe,) with a damp face painting sponge. Stippling will give a more blended appearance, whereas swiping will with leave a streaky finish.  

Use a wet brush with a good loading of makeup for filling in, linework, details, swirls and curls.

To remove:  use mild liquid soap (without water) rubbed into the makeup really well. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.  As with all face paints, some colours may linger a little. This can be removed with makeup removoer or something oily - baby oil, coconut oil etc.